Silverstone School, Silverstone


Silverstone School is the amalgamation of the existing junior and infant schools to form a 2FE school on the edge of Silverstone village. The building is set out with a central spine combining the hall, library, admin and community spaces, with two wings providing 17 classrooms for the different age groups. .

Contractor: Lakehouse

Electrical Value: £350,000

Mechanical Value: £650,000

Contract Duration: Sep’16 - Jul’17


  • Heating is provided by air source heat pumps

  • Under floor heating

  • Gas fired boilers provide heating to radiators in core areas and air handling units.

  • Gas fired water provide hot water throughout the school.

  • Heat recovery system in main hall and circulation areas.

  • Air conditioning to offices.

  • Sprinkler system.

  • BMS monitoring / controlling system


  • New distribution within the school with metering for energy monitoring.

  • Dali dimming controls to allow easy management of classroom lighting.

  • Emergency lighting system.

  • External car park lighting has been fitted with LED street lamps, bollard lighting and wall mounted LED bulkheads.